Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rock Star!!!

Sig other came home with the new Rock Band for Xbox360.  The Beatles Edition.  On the day of release.  This is the modern day equivalent of a caveman returning home from the first day of the hunt with fresh kill after a long winter of stored nuts and roots.  It is Man Victory - the way a father tells his kids he cares, the way the head of household declares his supremacy amongst men.  Special dispensation came from the ex-Mrs. Sig Other and Child Two came over for dinner and a test run.  Pizza was ordered. Child One, impressed that her father managed to score the game her friends were buzzing about all day, put aside her homework.  And the show began. 

Child Two grabbed the guitar, his wavy flaxen hair and cooler-than-thou ten-year-old-vibe made him the perfect chill lead for the band.  Sig Other hit the drums and Child One was on lead vocals – perhaps not the best choice given her tin ear and slightly flat voice.  But enthusiasm prevailed over talent and the family rock band was in full swing. I took turns with Child One and alternated between a Cher-meets-Chrissy-Hynde fantasy and playing number one groupie.

The great thing about this edition of Rock Band is that even pop-culture-challenged Child One has familiarity with Beatles’ songs from her childhood and elevator Musak.  So we rocked out.  We sang badly.  We cracked each other up.  And we jammed along song after song until Child One declared it was time for the nightly iChat with her math partner and Child Two insisted it was time for his own homework – twenty minutes of reading before bed.  Sig Other looked at me pleadingly.  But bed was calling – bed and my just-arrived and greatly-anticipated copy of Half The Sky.  Poor caveman - left alone at the drums in his rock star fantasy world whilst the spawn and I returned to our regular lives. 

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