Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

So here it is folks.  The last day of Spring, the end of my 43rd year and the beginning of my 44th.  The weekend began with a cozy and delightful surprise Friday dinner planned superbly by sly Sig Other and my sneaky, lovely friends, and rolled through to a Sunday filled with flowers and delicious food and perfect gifts.  Sig Other and the children have feted and fed me to my heart’s content and I will spend the evening obsessing over which apps to download for my new iPad and how best to utilize the fancy Panini press from the children.  What I won’t obsess about, at least this evening, is my blog, though I’ve certainly had questions about its survival as the year came to a close.  Sig Other thinks I should shut it down and start anew under a different title.  Various others have suggested I continue on as the 43rd was the year of inspiration.  The truth is, I don’t think it much matters.  I don’t think anyone reading cares whether it’s the 43rd year or the 49th.  And I’ve no particular inspiration on this day suggesting a new title or subject matter.  So for now, the 43rd year will continue as is – perhaps with an amendment to color palette or font.   Happy birthday to me!

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Miss Whistle said...

Shutting it down is not an option. The psychedelic pink, however, was a bold choice.
Love you. Love this blog. Love all round.

Miss W