Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Quotes of 2010

Catching up at work means falling behind in posts but it is at least worth noting that as I sit trying to write about my fancy Palm Springs weekend replete with fabulous gays and their fashionable dogs, my own dear Alpha Dog is engaged in that rather disgusting thing female dogs do when they bury their faces in their own ladyparts and do a bit of cleaning.  She is not wearing a fancy sweater nor is she in a Louis Vuitton carrier but she did get a bit startled when Sig Other looked across the room and shouted, “hey, hey, stop that – how would you like it if I just took out my cock and started masturbating in front of you?” 

And so begins the year with quotable quotes from my colorful beloved and swirly thoughts in my head…

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Anonymous said...

um, as if he hasn't???