Saturday, May 29, 2010

44th Year!!!

It seems that the 43rd year is coming to an end.  I approach my 44th birthday and Sig Other and I are at odds about how to celebrate.  I insist I was terribly happy to celebrate my 43rd with my immediate family – Sig Other and the Steps and I had a delicious meal at my favorite Italian restaurant and, notwithstanding a minor teenage meltdown, it was a lovely evening.  Sig Other insists that wasn’t the case at all – he insists that rather than the bucolic evening I recall, I was in fact rather unhappy about the intimate celebration and longed for something more social.  Therefore, he insists, this year we must have a party.  I am quite sure I was happy last year (and if I wasn’t, why sully my faulty memory) and would be content to once again dine en famille.

But how to celebrate 44 is less an issue these days than something else – something that weighs heavier on my mind than weather to dine a deux, en famille or in a crowd.  And its this – what to do about the “43rd Year”.  I have loved my year of blogging, have taken great comfort in finding an outlet for my insanity, my frustration and my fleeting and wildly periodic creativity.  I’ve loved the friends I’ve made in the blogosphere, loved adding to the list of who I follow and loved checking to see who is following me.  I’ve no idea if I’ve five readers or fifty (and in truth, no idea how I would even find out), but I know I would miss my page if I gave it up but feel like an imposter if I continue to call it my “43rd Year” knowing I’m well into my 44th.

And so I turn to you, dear readers (or perhaps reader), and asked your assistance.  What is this Luddite to do now that the name of the blog is more curse than blessing?  Am I to rename it 44th Year?  Will my 37 followers (and whoever you are thank you so much) follow me into my aging future?  And how would they find me?  Is there a magical link?  An automatic re-direct?  Help blogospherites!  Help me navigate my age, the internet and the wonderful world of blogging!!!


Victoria said...

You could call it "43rd Year (and beyond)" - then no-one should have trouble finding it.

(Long-time reader from the UK here!)

Northern Snippet said...

Keep it as 43rd year.If you change the title each year at some point it will become 50th year...argggh ( I'm 48!)

Ang said...

"43rd Year" is perfect. Named after the year you started your blog. I love it personally!

Anonymous said...

i'm with the others, keep it 43rd year and just change the little "about this blog" section to explain that it technically also it beyond.

by the way, no matter how old you get, you'll always be 43 to me.