Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sweatpant Thursdays.

Truly one of the only things I dislike about being a working woman is getting dressed in the morning.  Is it a dress day or a pants day?  And if pants, can I fit in the skinny pants or do I have to figure out what goes with the fat pants?  The fat pants usually require a heel so then which one and how far do I have to walk today?  If a dress, is it long enough that I can go with bare legs or do I have to wear a tight to cover up the now jiggly skin on the front of my thigh just above the knee?  Jacket or no jacket? Sweater or no sweater? Which jewelry?  Am I going for accessible and artistic or businesslike and tough?  Argh!  I can lose up to twenty minutes a day to paralytic fear in my closet. 

Here’s what I love about “casual Friday”: jeans.  I can wear skinny jeans or baggy jeans, black jeans or blue jeans or even the occasional white jean.  Either with flats or with high heels, I can always make a jean look chic.  Jeans and a blazer, jeans and a sweater, skinny jeans disappearing into high heeled platinum Chanel boot – its all good. 

So here’s what I propose:  Sweatpant Thursdays.  Perhaps preceded by Comfy Wednesday and CozyChic Tuesday.  Monday could be a free day – wear a suit, go business chic, knock yourself out.  But five days a week is really just too much to ask. 

Men don’t have this problem.  Men just put on a suit.  And a shirt.  And they’re done.  My male colleagues could wear the same suit every day of the week with a different shirt and I would never notice the repeat.  Women can’t do that.  We have to create a unique look every day.  Elegant but not too sexy.  Businesslike but not too threatening.  I’m exhausted before I walk out of the house.

I tried the uniform thing – simple pants, shirt and a chic accessory every day.  It was lame.  I looked like a stewardess.  Or a waitress.  I realize now that one of the things I actually loved about being a waitress is that I always knew what to wear.  Black pants, white shirt, little green apron.  I could vary my earrings.  That was about it.  So maybe that’s the solution: uniforms for the corporate world!  Motion picture studio team shirts that mix and match with a black or navy blue pant.  I like it!  Maybe that will be my great contribution to studio history.  Take the guess work out of the morning.  Knock twenty minutes off the day.  Uh oh – gotta go figure out what to wear now…


Miss Whistle said...

I think a green pinny at the office would be rather fetching, Mrs L.

Susan Erickson said...

By the time I'm dressed there is usually a pile of clothes flung about the room.

That's Not My Age said...

Think you're onto something - I'm up for sweatpant Thursdays!

Anonymous said...

The comfortable-clothes-and-shoes-no-matter-what-the-occasion thing is pretty much the only thing I envy guys for. Maybe peeing standing up.